Learn with Born2Sing

Born2Sing has years of experience working with children and young adults with additional needs and provides a welcoming and safe environment to offer 1-2-1 lessons to teach all the skills required to gain confidence to sing and have fun whilst doing so. Families of young people with additional needs can feel confident knowing that their loved one will be in safe and qualified hands of a skilled teacher with years of experience.


Lessons are given on a one to one basis with a qualified teacher who will be able to work with your specific needs


Born2Sing have put in place all the necessary risk assessments to allow face to face teaching to resume.  Social distancing can be maintained throughout all sessions and their is constant ventilation due to the nature of the premises. A HEPA filter is used throughout lessons to enhance a cleaner and filtered air space.

Anti-bacterial hand gel is always available at lessons and we encourage students to bring their own water bottles to lessons.  


£16.00 per half hour

£32.00 per hour

Payment Arrangements

The initial lesson must be paid for in advance either by cash or bank transfer.

Once lessons are arranged, all further payments are made monthly via bank transfer.

Appointment will not be confirmed until payment is made.

Lesson termination will need to be given in writing one month in the event of a change.



We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellations for Born2Sing to reschedule the lesson for a convenient time that month. Less than 24 hours’ notice a payment for lesson will be lost and will need to be payable at the next lesson.



Exam, competitions, books etc will be at additional costs if needed and agreed by student/parents.

If the student is under 18, permission is needed from the student’s parent/guardian. Relevant contact details should be left if you are leaving your child for their lesson.

For the safety and well-being of teacher and student, it is in the best interest of Born2Sing’s teachers that we are informed of any existing health conditions/special needs that may be affecting the student.


Online Learning

Born2Sing have been offering online lessons successfully for
the past year. If you would like to book an online singing lesson please get in touch. There are many benefits to having online singing.

    Benefits of online teaching

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • No travel time - you can get the same high quality lesson with a teacher regardless of location.
  • No special devices required. You only need a Laptop, Smartphone, iPad or Tablet. No special headphones or microphone is needed. You will require 2 of these devices to playback a backing track.
  • Free downloaded software for lessons - either Skype or Zoom.
  • Aids busy lifestyles to maintain hobbies and support their mental health with singing lessons.
  • Supports those unable to travel due to anxiety, disabilities or other health conditions.

Each lesson lasts either 30 minutes or an hour. Special requests can be made for longer lessons at additional charges.

During each lesson we will work on developing breathing techniques, vocal exercises, posture,
repertoire work, confidence building, projection, support and much more.

Get in touch today to book your first lesson!

Email: info.born2sing@gmail.com

Phone: 07859 809 350