Gemma Mills


My music career started off by gaining the relevant qualifications and moving naturally on to working in schools as a specialist contemporary singing teacher. With experience performing in live bands with a range of different genres, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with all levels of students and those with special needs.


We love nothing more than to hear our students improve over the years and go on to maintain high standards in order to reach their musical goals. All students are provided with preparation and support every step of the way.  

Examinations are offered however, are not mandatory to Born2Sing's lessons.  
As some of our students are children, all teachers have a fully enhanced DBS as well as being trained in the new child protection act and safeguarding.


 If you’d like to start your musical journey with us, get in touch on:

07859 809 350




My mum originally found gemma by googling 'funky singing teacher' but luckily for me we found much much more. My first lesson I was quiet and shy but gemma put me at ease straight away. Over the years Gemma has taught me that singing can have such a bigger impact than I ever thought possible. Gemma helped me come out of myself and have the confidence to get up on stage, and as a girl too shy to raise her hand in a class, this was a massive change for the better. Singing with Gemma has helped me through so much and I cannot thank her enough for helping me to have the confidence to be who I am today. Gemma's passion is infectious and I am so so lucky to have been going back for lessons for years.”
Francesca Kinston


“Gemma has taught myself and my daughter for many years. She provides a happy, relaxed atmosphere and is very supportive even when confidence has been at an all time low. She has encouraged me to try new and challenging songs and has taught me new skills and techniques to enable me to sing them when I thought it was not possible. I would thoroughly recommend Born 2 Sing to anyone, first class teacher at a very reasonable price too Xx”

Nicki Doyle

Gemma has got a LOT of experience in working with children who have additional needs. Including autism and sensory issues. Using that experience, she made a visual timetable to use in Molly's singing lessons. Gemma is actually a specialist vocal coach in pop music, but she recognised that because of Molly's verbal delay and younger-than-age interests, Molly engages really well when she sings nursery rhymes whose lyrics and tunes she is confident with. So every lesson, Molly gets to choose a couple of nursery rhymes place on her timetable, as well as her pop song (which is currently "La la la" by Sam smith and Naughty Boy). And it's not just the timetable, Gemma also searches for other ways to engage Molly in singing. Such as these cute little gloves that she can wear to act out the lyrics as she sings, which has the added effect of helping Molly to understand what the lyrics mean. Molly loves singing, and to have someone who is so enthusiastic about finding new ways to help her use her voice and express herself is beyond brilliant.”